Our corporate programmes infuse breath work, breath science, neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, coaching, movement, sound and meditation. We create a safe, energised learning environment that encourages interaction and active participation.


The yearly financial cost of stress in the workplace has been revealed by recent research as £700 million a year.

We breathe on average 20,000 times a day yet most of us are unaware of its incredible ability to transform the way we feel, act and operate - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our programmes explore breath science and teach you and your team tools that hack your brain activity by changing the rhythm, rate and depth of our breath.

Workshops are fun, powerful and thought provoking. The simple yet effective techniques will teach you to calm during times of stress or conflict and naturally increase energy when you need a boost.

 You and your workforce will learn to manage busy lifestyles and transform:

  • Reacting to responding

  • Complaint to compassion

  • Stress to calm

  • Hearing to listening

  • Disagreement to balance

  • Separation to unification

  • Blame to resolve



“An amazing workshop to my team on how to leverage our breath to affect our energy, mood, and stress levels both inside and outside the workplace. It was a real eye opening to understand both the science behind breath and how we can actually use our breath to get us through the day, whether we need an energy boost or a calming moment. We have already started putting the techniques to work in the office as a team! I would highly recommend”

“A unique learning experience for our team and members. Stuart's passion for breathwork had us fully engaged as he unlocked the secrets of breathing.  We were completely unaware of the impact our breathing system has on the way operated day to day. The workshop was interesting, fun, clear and concise (& backed with science for the sceptics in the group!). The simple techniques shared, helped us all increase energy and focus whilst reducing daily stress and anxiety. Tools that have been effective inside and outside of the workplace. We highly recommend this workshop and look forward to having Stuart back for more sessions”

“Thank you so much for the session last week. Every person in the team (even the cynics!) absolutely loved it. It was completely different to anything we've done before and everyone came away completely energised and full of enthusiasm. It was just what the doctor ordered. I, for one, have been raving about it to everyone and anyone”.

“It was such a pleasure to welcome Stuart to Propercorn HQ. He really opened our eyes to the incredible impact our breathing can have on our day to day, and won over the entire room by grounding his infectious energy and passion in the science. We were left with helpful tools to practice at work and home and have seen a real hunger from the team, to continue to explore some of the breathing techniques introduced. We would definitely recommend Stuart and the Breathpod team– a brilliant and eye opening experience for the workplace”