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Master Your Breath, Full Day Workshop, Edinburgh

  • 250-252 Queensferry Road Edinburgh, Scotland, EH4 2BR United Kingdom (map)


Are you ready to DIVE DEEP and transform the way you feel, think, act and operate!?

BREATHPOD founder Stuart Sandeman is delivering a very intimate (10 people only) workshop to teach you the fundamentals of breathing, you will learn about breath patterns, the autonomic nervous system, how to use your breath to hack into your neurology, biology and mind.

This FULL DAY workshop will include deep coaching work creating space for new ideas, insights, thoughts and wisdom to surface.

It will also include 2 full TRANSFORMATIONAL BREATH Sessions - a powerful self healing tool that helps clear physical and emotional blocks held in the subconscious to connect you to a higher vibrational state. 

This POWERFUL FULL DAY EVENT will help to: 

- Learn about your breath pattern and how this is affecting your life

- Improve emotional intelligence, clarity & focus

- Release anxiety and alleviate depression

- Resolve past trauma and release emotional repression

- Accelerate personal growth and development

- Improve the relationship with yourself and others

- Connect you to your inner wisdom, creativity & awareness

- Energise and revitalise

- Detoxify & improve your health and wellbeing

- Improve circulation and strengthen your immune system