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BREATHPOD: Transformational Breath™ & Sound Bath

  • Private Residence Monmouth Terrace Wan Chai, Hong Kong Island Hong Kong (map)

Breathpod lands back in Hong Kong to deliver an intimate 2.5 hour workshop designed to SUPER CHARGE YOUR BODY, FREE YOUR MIND & ACCESS TRANSCENDENTAL STATES! 

You breathe over 20,000 times a day yet most are unaware of its incredible ability to transform the way you feel, think, act and operate. 

In this powerful workshop Breathpod founder Stuart Sandeman will teach you to harness the power of your breathing system using one of the world leading techniques for personal healing and change - Transformational Breath™.

The session will be accompanied by frequency healing soundwaves from Cheryl Rodriguez who will end the session with the relaxing symphonic tones of the gong.

This session will help to:

- Energise and revitalise

- Detoxify & improve your health and wellbeing

- Improve circulation and strengthen your immune system

- Improve emotional intelligence, clarity & focus

- Release anxiety and alleviate depression

- Resolve past trauma and release emotional repression

- Accelerate personal growth and development

- Improve the relationship with yourself and others

- Connect you to a higher state of being, inner wisdom, creativity & joy


Your Facilitators:

Stuart Sandeman is a Breath Facilitator, Peak Performance Coach and Judo Blackbelt who works with individuals, groups and businesses to help them reach their full potential through coaching & breathwork. His clients include Google, Nike, JP Morgan & Virgin. Stuart’s life was transformed through conscious breathing after the loss of his girlfriend to cancer. He is extremely passionate about sharing his practise to help others thrive. He has also travelled the world the world as an international DJ so expect the perfect soundtrack to accompany your session.

Cheryl first discovered sound healing during a trip to London when she stayed behind for a gong meditation after a yoga class. She was immediately hooked and attended regular gong bath meditations to balance a high-pressure corporate life. Following an unexpected surgery, Cheryl directly felt the deeper healing effects of sound therapy during her recovery process, which led her to study sound healing. She has studied with Maayaa Dhami, Martha Collard, Dr Buathon Thienarrom and Jens Sugar. Cheryl hosts sound healing sessions with Gongs and Tibetan Singing Bowls and is currently pursuing certification in Watsu, a form of healing aquatic bodywork.