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  • 42 Valentine Road London, England, E9 7AD United Kingdom (map)

You were doing it all night, and again this morning, you just did it and again! Yes, you breathe over 20,000 times a day but are probably unaware of its incredible ability to change the way you feel, think, act and operate. So we invite Stuart Sandeman, founder of @Breathpod, to launch our Boys Club series with a very special breathing workshop. This isn’t your average sit back and breathe. Stuart’s workshops take you to the next level in human performance and consciousness. GQ, Timeout and countless other publications have been shouting about Stuart’s powerful work. 

Stuart has created a special mens only workshop to help clear physical, mental and emotional blocks held in your body to access a new state of being. 

"Oxygen is the most fundamental form of nutrition for our cells, and carbon dioxide is the most common waste product generated. Scientific research shows that 2/3 of our energy comes from our breath and 70% of toxins are eliminated through the breath. By analysing our breath pattern and clearing any restrictions we can improve the efficiency of the breathing mechanism. This transforms the health and vitality of the physical body producing: More Energy, Increased detoxification, Enhanced Respiratory capacity, Strengthened immune response, Improved metabolism and digestion, Muscle Tension Relief, Increased physical performance"

Your state of mind and emotions are associated with distinct patterns of breath. As humans we also hold our breath to protect ourselves from being overwhelmed by your feelings and emotions. Men are often conditioned not to show emotion "Big Boys don’t cry”, “Man Up”, “Be Brave”. Emotions are just 'energy in motion' and if we don’t allow it to move or shift then it creates tension in the body. This practice allows you to access that tension, blocked emotion and let it go. So that you feel light, energised and in perfect flow .

Stuart is a Judo black belt and peak performance coach. His life was transformed by breathwork after the loss of his girlfriend to cancer. He discovered that by following a connected pattern of breathing, his grief faded, his stress and anxiety diminished, and energy levels increased.  He has made it his mission to share his methods with the world. Stuart works with a range of individuals including peak performing athletes, cancer patients, city workers and businesses including Google, JP Morgan, Nike and Fulham FC.

This session is open to all identifying as male.